PrincessMe is a premier spa and party company dedicated to providing each individual client with incredible, outstanding, and unbelievable service with our honest commitment to excellence.

We value our clients for their support of our business and we will offer superior service from beginning to end.


Our concept revolves around self-care and creativity all while keeping the community in the center. At PrincessMe Parties, we specialize in hosting small group parties and solo days for little girls looking to be pampered while having fun. Our sixteen different spa packages have something for everyone, from the birthday princess to her royal court. Manicures, pedicures, total makeovers, fashion shows— the kiddos will absolutely enjoy their time with us! Guardians can rest assured that we’ll keep their safety in mind. They can even join in on the fun thanks to our Mommy and Daddy and Me dates! For girls and parents who don’t want to wait until a big milestone is reached to celebrate — after all, you can always treat yourself without any real reason! — our spa is open for walk-ins on weekends, and non-group appointments are made every day. We also offer a mobile spa option, so the party can come to you! Girls up to sixteen years old can visit PrincessMe Parties and know they’ll be in the best care. We’re the place where anyone can have fun while spending time with their favorite people— where princesses can become queens!


Our outgoing and skilled party hosts are here to pamper, enhance, and encourage girls to feel good about themselves, and most of all, provide them the most magical celebration of their dreams.


There is a lot of preparation to make birthdays, sleepovers, classes, and other types of events possible. Don’t worry! With an experienced staff with over ten years of training, event planning perfection, and genuine customer service, check stress off of the list. We offer so much more than you could ever imagine!

 We welcome you to PrincessMe 



PrincessMe Parties was created by CEO & Founder,

Nia Brown.

For over six years, Nia has passionately brought dreams to life through her Spa and Party Planning services.
Through her commitment and innovation, Nia owns and operates one of the first mobile spa busses and luxury spa specifically designed for young girls and preteens. Our Founder centers her business around community service.

PrincessMe is an umbrella of different ventures, including PrincessMe Active: a local program that empowers the youth through self-esteem encouragement, anti-bullying, and instills the value of knowledge and education through reading.
Overall, her goal is to set an example for young girls everywhere, her own daughters, and fellow females. Nia preaches
“knowledge is beauty,” and is living proof a woman can do anything she sets her mind to.