PrincessMe Royal Packages

Paint Party Package

Get Ready to express yourself through colors!

~ Crown and sash for birthday Princess

~ Pink Aprons for each Princess to use during party

~ Canvas for each Princess to paint during the party

~ Paint tray for each Princess

~ Easel stand for each Princess

~ Assorted paint brushes

~ Assorted colors of paint

~ Tattoo for each Princess

~ Makeover for each Princess

~ Music provided

~ Candy buffet

~ 10 Cupcakes (color of your choice)

~ 10 Balloons (color of your choice)

~ Music Provided

~ Pink Carpet Rolled out for a grand party entrance



Tamia The Princess

Do your Princess just want to have a party in a Party Bus atmosphere without Spa Services, and Knights (boys) are welcome? Then this is the package made specially for her. Great option for teenagers!

This Package Provides:
~ Custom Birthday Banner

~ Crown & Sash For Birthday Princess (Sash for use during party only)

~ 2 Games According to age group (Blind folded makeovers.)

~ Goodie Bags for each guest 

~ Party Decor (Color Of Your Choice)

~ Candy Buffet

~ Fog Machine

~ Disco lights/ strobe lights

~ Dress up (Tutu, boas, wands, crowns & more)

~ Karaoke on a 42in flat screen TV & Fashion Runway Time

~ Age Appropriate Music

~ Pizza and Drinks for the Party (2 slices per guest)

~ 6 inch Birthday Cake (Two cake choices to choose from)

   Ages 5-17  12 kids .

(Call or email if more than 14 kids)

For after hours parties, the  Birthday Girl must be at least 13 years old

Mini Description:

The atmosphere when we arrive to your party will scream PARTY TIME! We will arrive to your location & roll out the red carpet  for The Girl of the Hour & her friends. There will be music playing, ready for you to dance the night away under our disco flashing lights and strobe lights.



Unicorn Princess

~ Unicorn Crown & Sash for the Birthday Princess (Sash for use during party only) ​​

​​~ Unicorn party Decor & Props​​

~ Unicorn Inspired pedicure OR manicure for each Princess​

 ~ Rainbow Makeup for each Princess (Eyes shadow & Lip stick) ​

~ Unicorn Glitter Tattoo for each Princess​

~ Rainbow hair enhancement for each princess

~ Dress up & Fashion Runway time ​

~ Pick 1 (Make your own unicorn charm bracelet, Paint your own Unicorn canvas)

​~ Dance Time ​

~ Drinks for the Party

~ Unicorn theme Cupcakes for the party

~ Candy Buffet

​​~ Music Provided

~ Complete Setup & Clean up for a hassle free party

~ 1 Table decorated for you to use for Cake, food etc.

~ Complementary beverages and lounge for parents



Mommy & Me Spa Date

Perfect way for A Group of Daughters & Moms to have a play date party

Get ready to feel Glamorous!
~ Crown & Sash for each Princess

~ Crown for each Mom (Optional)

~ Mini Mani Or Mini Pedi for each Princess (Child ONLY)

~ Mommy & Me Makeover Game

(Mom will give daughter a Makeover, & Daughter will give Mom a Make over)

 ~ Mommy & ME Painting Time 

~ Mommy & Me dress up & Fashion show

~ 12-14 Cupcakes

~ 12-14 Pink Champagne flutes with Lemonade

~ Pizza for Princess & Mom

~ Goodie Bags for each Princess &  Mom

~ Glitter tattoo for each Princess

~ Music Provided

~ Pink Carpet Rolled out for a grand party entrance



Science Princess 

Get ready to experiment!

~ Lab Coat for each Princess to use during the party

~ Sash for Birthday Princess 

~ Crown for each Princess

~ Make Your Own Bath bomb, Play dough or Slime

~ 1 Microscopic Activity (use of a microscope)

~ 1 Hands on science experiment

~ 1 watch & Learn experiments (each child will have a turn to help at some point during experiments)

~ Candy Buffet in large beakers

~ Scienceexperiment to go (Goodie Bag) for each Priness

~ Drinks for the Party 

~ Cupcakes

~ Music Provided

~ Pink Carpet Rolled out for a grand party entrance

(Please call if you Are booking for a Organization, School, or have a group larger than 12)



JoJo Bowtique Party

 Get Ready to feel Glamorous!

~ Crown & Sash for the Birthday Princess

~ Rose Petal Mini Pedi for each Princess ​

~Royal Mini Mani for each Princess

~ Spa Robes to use during the party for every Princess

​~ Dress up (Tutu's, Princess dresses, boas, wands, crowns & more)​

~ Karaoke on a 42in flat screen TV & Fashion Runway Time​

~ Goody Bag for the Birthday Princess

~ Make Over for each Princess

​​~ Hair Enhancements & Glitter tattoo for each Princess​

~ Each Princess will make there own Hair Customizable Hair Bow​

~ Pizza and Drinks for the Party (2 slices per Princess)​

~ Cupcakes(Birthday Candle Provided)​

~ Music Provided​

~ Pink Carpet Rolled out for a grand party entrance



Royal Princess Party

~ Crown & sash for the Special Princess 

~ Spa robe for each Princess to use during party

~ Manicure for each Princess

~ Pedicure for each Princess

~ Glitter Tattoo for the Special Princess

~ Nail design for Birthday Princess

~ Facial for each Princess

~Pizza & Drinks  for the party

~Hairdo with glitter for each Princess

~ Fashion Runway time (Costumes & Tutus Provided)

~ Makeup for each Princess (Eye shadow, lipstick)

~ Choose two Activities: (Make your own Princess slime, Paint your own canvas, Make your charm bracelet, Make your own stuffed Unicorn)

~ Treat bags for each Princess

~ Karaoke & Dancing  

~ Music provided

~ Special Princess meet & greet with your Princess of choice (Cinderella, Frozen Princess etc.)

~ Table decorated for you to use to put cake.

~ Pink Carpet Rolled out for a grand party entrance

~ Setup & cleanup


PrincessMe party celebrations are ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY We do not use any tools or cut any nails/cuticles. All products used are non-toxic. Each of our parties includes set up & clean up to give you a hassle & stress free day

Image by Nick Sarro


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