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All Meetings Will be held in our Spa Location

Our company will be hosting FREE, three-week Princess Club Retreats every month. All events will be held in the PrincessMe Spa Store location.

New dates will be put up the Third Friday of each month .

signup will be on eventbrite but can also be found through our site with link below.

First come First serve


 It was organized to provide a safe environment where girls can be themselves, develop resilience and demonstrate their strengths and weaknesses in a positive manner. The Princess Club’s main areas of focus are reading, building self-esteem and discussing anti-bullying. Starting with these topics, the club members will have a chance to maintain strong foundations.

Meeting Dates:


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Our Goal is to help Each Princess Shine there light through Reading & expressing themselves by surrounding them with relatable role models who encourage, inspire & guide. We want to be a part of helping Princesses develop the confidence to LEAD.

*Ages 4-16


*7 Girls Each group for 3 weeks (1st come first serve)


*15 mins of out loud reading with Peers


*15mins to discuss our daily reading and discuss main ideas from the story


*Pizza & Drinks for each Princess


*Pampering/ Craft: (Week1: Mani, Week2: Pedi , Week3: Painting/ DIY activity


*Discuss Anti Bullying


*Self esteem activities 


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